Rocco Taylor

Rocco was a friendly, energetic, 8 year old Doberman and it was at the beginning of September last year that a firm mass was noticed in his neck. The mass was a lymph node, which remained very firm despite a course of antibiotics.

A simple procedure removed some cells from the lymph node, which were made into a smear and sent to a specialist laboratory for analysis. Unfortunately the histopathology report confirmed that Rocco had lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system.

Blood tests showed that Rocco had no signs of liver disease and a good white blood cell count. A course of chemotherapy was started straight away – this involved Rocco taking two types of tablet and coming into the practice for intravenous injections, initially on a weekly basis.

Throughout the majority of his treatment, Rocco remained very bright and active, ate well and continued to play and go on walks.

Side effects from his treatment were minimal and Rocco enjoyed good quality of life until the end of his illness.

Sadly, on the 27th December, Rocco passed away at home. He was a lovely dog, an excellent patient and he will be greatly missed.

Lymphoma has a wide variety of clinical presentations and can now be treated with different chemotherapy protocols. With the appropriate treatment, in some cases, good quality remission rates (sometimes 6 – 12 months and beyond) can be achieved. Treatment can however be very expensive and we recommend insurance to help with the expense of providing the best care for your pet.